About us

The Department of English Linguistics is an integral part of the Institute of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics. The Institute is the largest component of the Faculty of Humanities, and one of the largest in the UKW University, employing 72 faculty members and educating 800 students. The Institute offers 6-semester undergraduate (B.A.) studies and 4-semester graduate studies (M.A.) in two main areas: English studies and applied linguistics. Within English studies, students can choose one of the three specializations: linguistics, literature and culture; within applied linguistics, they can choose a specialization of English plus an additional language, either Arabic, Chinese, German, or Russian (to form such combinations as e.g. a major in English with a minor in Arabic). Upon the completion of M.A. studies, students may also choose to continue their education in the Doctoral Program in linguistics, taught by members of the Faculty of Humanities.

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