Department of English Literary and Cultural Studies

Dr Michał Mochocki

Assistant Professor in English Studies at Kazimierz Wielki University; head of Programme Committee at the Institute of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics; creator of ‟Gamedec: Game Studies & Design” path at Humanities 2.0; member of Department Board at Department of Humanities. A literature and culture scholar, he is researching the activation of cultural heritage in role playing games and historical reenactment. He studies and designs non-digital applied/serious games, with focus on educational larps and gamification of education. Awarded with Comission of National Education Medal. Edu-games consultant for Nowa Era publishing house. Member of Games Research Association of Poland, Polish Association for Cultural Studies, and editiorial board for Homo Ludens scholarly journal (ISSN 2080-4555). Website: Blog:
Selected publications
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