Institute of Psychology

Academic activity

The main directions of research led by the workers of the Psychology Institute are as follows:

  • Influence of critical events on human functioning and development.
  • Longitudinal investigations over children's, their parents' and grandparents' development carried out in Bydgoszcz.
  • Early cognitive competence of infants.
  • Automatically controlled strategies of solving the cognitive problems (individual research).
  • Changes of young people's personality (in the period of early adulthood) resulting from the concept of self-authority personality;
  • The analysis of the past of people who are Self- Authors.
  • A method of personality investigation : POA ( the Measurement of Author Personality).
  • Subliminal perception.
  • Handicapped people's life situation.
  • Children, as well as adult, development disorders and family functioning.
  • Development support. Psychostimulation and psychocorrection.
  • The quality of life of people with diseases of extrapyramidal system before and after ablation.