Institute of Psychology

About us

The Institute of Psychology has about 900 students. The academic staff includes 10 professors, including 4 full professors (titled), 18 researchers, 5 research assistants, and 3 lecturers.

Students can follow regular and part-time courses: 5-year master (only master studies, similarly as medical and legal studies) and 4-year doctoral studies.

Program of master studies offers a 4 specializations:

  • clinical psychology,
  • applied social psychology,
  • developmental support,
  • psychology of rehabilitation.

Since 2000 the Institute as a part of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology has had the authority to carry out PhD theses in the Arts concerning Psychology. The PhD degree is conferred by the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology at UKW.

The Institute also offers a postgraduate studies aimed at further development and new qualifications: in clinical psychology (basic and advanced courses) and in speech therapy. 

The Institute of Psychology offers a master program of 5-years psychological studies in English language for foreigners. Master and doctoral studies in psychology comply with EU educational standards in the ECTS system and have been accredited by the State Accreditation Committee. The Institute participates in an exchange of students and academics in the frame of many EU programs.

The main areas of research: human behavior and development in the life-span, educational psychology, family and gender studies, psychopathology of child development, psychosomatics, disabilities and rehabilitation, neuropsychology, psychometrics, psychological guidance on-line. Numerous research projects involve cooperation with other universities and research institutions. The cooperation is documented by shared publishing efforts both at home and abroad. The Institute of Psychology is the publisher of the Polskie Forum Psychologiczne journal [Polish Psychological Forum].
The Institute staff are members of many domestic and international scholarly organizations and committees. Their scientific recognition makes the Institute attractive to many outstanding scholars from all over the world, and thus our students can attend lectures of visiting professors.