Faculty of Physical Education, Health and Tourism

The Faculty comprises over 1200 students in 3 majors:

  • Geography
  • Physical Education
  • Tourism and recreation

Students can choose between regular and part-time studies: 3-year bachelor and 2-year master courses.Studies in all majors comply with EU educational standards following the ECTS system and have been accredited by the State Accreditation Committee.

The academic staff of the Faculty cooperate with many international scientific centers, mostly in Europe. The cooperation is basically informal, however, it has been documented by publications both at home and abroad. The Institute of Geography, as part of bilateral agreements, cooperates with many units in Russia, Bulgaria, China, Japan, Ukraine and Mongolia. The Institute of Geography is developing the Geographic Information System (GIS). In 2005 professors of this institute held the First Bydgoszcz Physical-and-Geographic Expedition to Mongolia.

Academics of the Faculty of Physical Education, Health and Tourism are members of many domestic and international scientific organizations and committees, holding numerous scientific conferences and seminars, including international ones; some are regular in character, e.g. the Institute of Geography launched a series published under the name Promotio Geographica Bydgosciensia.

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