Faculty of Music Art

As an independent university unit Institute of Musical Education came into existence as a result of separation from the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy. Institute offers studies in the field of Artistic Education in Music.

Full time studies:

  • 3-year Bachelor studies
  • 2-year Master studies


  • Musical education, cultural animation (1-cycle studies)
  • Musical education, managing musical bands (1-cycle studies)
  • Musical education, Popular music and conductorship (2-cycle studies)
  • Musical education, management and marketing in musical culture (2-cycle studies)


Institute is actively involved in scientific a and artistic activities. Both teachers – vocalists and instrumentalists – and students give concerts to the wider public. University choir cooperates with the Symphonic Orchestra of Pomeranian Philharmonic, performing on a numerous occasions such compositions as oratorios and cantatas. Also as the part of the institute there is a band called Big Band performing jazz and popular music standards.
In 26 September 2005 Institute of Musical Education was authorised to grant PhD title in the field of Musical Arts, Conducting Research areas:

  • Choral, vocal and instrumental music of Poland and other nations
  • Education of conductors of school music bands 
  • Choral music in Eastern and Western countries
  • Teacher of music – model of the future
  • Contemporary Polish and foreign music – development of the musical language
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