Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

The Faculty has about 5 thousand students in three majors:

  • pedagogy;
  • psychology;
  • social work

offering a total of 23 specialisations. 

The students can follow regular and part-time courses: 3-year bachelor studies, 2-year master and 4-year doctoral studies (except for two-level studies in psychology; single-course 5-year master studies and 4-year doctoral studies, similarly as medical and legal studies). The Faculty also offers a wide range of postgraduate studies aimed at further development and new qualifications. Students can make use of state-of-the-art laboratories: multimedia, computer lab, occupational therapy, psychophysical tests, clinimetrics and clinical psychometrics, as well as psychoacoustics and neurolinguistics. Studies in all majors and representing all specialisations comply with EU educational standards in the ECTS system and have been accredited by the State Accreditation Committee. As part of the EU programme, Erasmus, our Faculty participates in an exchange of students and academics with foreign universities in Bańska Bystrzyca (Slovakia), Padua (Italy), Pieksamaki (Finland), Vasa (Finland) and Ankara (Turkey).

The academic staff of the Faculty includes 37 professors, including 18 professors titular, 66 senior lecturers, 26 assistants and 35 teaching staff. Research carried out by the Faculty personnel falls into the priority research areas referred to in the State Framework Programme of MNiSzW as strategic, including: Health, Environment, State and Society, Safety, and Information Technologies. 

Numerous research projects involve cooperation with domestic and international universities and research institutions. The cooperation is documented by shared publishing efforts both at home and abroad. Interestingly, the Institute of Psychology is the publisher of the impact-factor journal Polskie Forum Psychologiczne. The Institute of Pedagogy also issues a journal available throughout Poland, Przegląd Pedagogiczny, as well as Forum Dydaktyczne. 

The Faculty staff are authors and co-authors of many recommended student handbooks in psychology and pedagogy in our country. They are members of many domestic and international scholarly organizations and committees. Their scientific recognition makes the University attractive to many outstanding scholars from all over the world, and thus our students can attend lectures of visiting professors. Recently the Faculty has enhanced its range of lectures and seminars in English given by our academic staff.

Kazimierz Wielki University 85-064 Bydgoszcz
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