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MA Psychology studies in english

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology - which is a part of the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz - offers students from all over the world an International Psychology Studies Program with courses in English towards Master of Arts (MA). Institute of Psychology, a part of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology has received a positive evaluation of the National Accrediting Commission for graduate studies in psychology.

An internationally oriented University staff (with teaching and research experience from foreign universities) provides general courses in psychology. Special courses cover hot topics of research frontiers of contemporary psychology, including theoretical modern theories, basic and applied psychology, as well as technology-related practical projects involving state-of-the-art equipment. We perform research in neuroscience and psychophysiology.

Special programs are offered in areas of clinical psychology, applied social psychology and developmental support. Established interdisciplinary collaborations of our staff with other Polish and foreign universities assure that masters theses are of high scientific relevance. An international exchange student program is also offered.

Master of Arts degrees provide training for entry level careers in mental health, schools and private industry. Today it is possible to get a license to practice in certain fields of applied psychology. The Master of Arts in Psychology program can serve as your gateway into the human services field or as the first step into a doctorate program. You may gain a theoretical and practical understanding of the principles of psychology within the framework of a strong clinical emphasis. Courses present various aspects of the art and science of psychology as it is applied to the understanding of human behavior.

Courses in English for 5-years MA studies start October 1st, 2014. Grading and acceptance of credits from foreign universities is based on international standards as defined by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

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