International Relations Office

 International Relations Office of Kazimierz Wielki University provides following services:  

  • 5coordination of European educational programme Erasmus+;
  • technical and social support offered to the  incoming Erasmus+ students and staff;
  • promotion and dissemination of information about international scholarship and educational programmes;
  • financial and administrative services provided to the mobile staff members as well as the visiting professors and other university guests;
  • preparation of  interinstitutional agreements and letters of intent;
  • recruitment of international students, management of the website, presenting study offer at UKW.


Aniela Bekier-Jasińska

Małgorzata Krawczyk

Aleksandra Koperska-Kowalczyk

Joanna Kalka

Agnieszka Bielińska 


Kazimierz Wielki University 85-064 Bydgoszcz
ul. J.K. Chodkiewicza 30 tel. +48 52 341 91 00 ; +48 52 34 19 108