Kazimierz Wielki University

Studying at Kazimierz Wielki University with Erasmus+

Kazimierz Wielki University has been cooperating with numerous European partner universities. Hundreds of Erasmus+ students have spent part of their studies in Bydgoszcz. Most of them enjoy the memories of their stay at the University and the city. Some of our former Erasmus+ students have settled in Bydgoszcz after graduation or decided to continue their studies in Bydgoszcz.  

The International Relations Office, Erasmus+ coordinators at the faculties and the Erasmus Student Network make efforts to support the students and prepare them for their Erasmus+ experience.

 You can study at Kazimierz Wielki University as an Erasmus+/ exchange student provided that there is an established cooperation with your home university. The best way to find out if such a cooperation exists is to have a look at the homepage of your home university.

Here is a list of Erasmus+ Coordinators: Erasmus+ Coordinators

If a cooperation exists, then you first have to apply for the exchange program at your home university. If you are accepted, you will be officially nominated by your home university and your contact details will be sent to us. After being officially nominated by your home university, you will receive information about required documents.

You can also check our requirements and English-taught course catalogue beforehand using  the following link: Erasmus+ at Kazimierz Wielki University

As soon as we have received your application form you will be admitted to Kazimierz Wielki University and receive a welcome package with information about further steps in order to get well prepared for your stay.

Application deadlines:
Winter semester :          1 June
Summer semester:        1 November

Erasmus+  students are accommodated in the university student house at 24  Łużycka St. in Bydgoszcz.

Academic calendar:
Winter semester:           1 October – mid-February
Summer semester:        mid-February – 30 June 

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

International Relations Office
Kazimierz Wielki University
Aleksandra Koperska-Kowalczyk

30 Chodkiewicza St., 85-064 Bydgoszcz

Phone: +48 52 3419108
Email: akoperska@ukw.edu.pl