World of Ideas and Politics

Word from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Authors and Readers!

The scientific journal "World of Ideas and Politics” has two decades of tradition. It began to be published in 2001 by the Institute of Political Sciences of  Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. The first editor-in-chief of the journal was the then Director of the Institute - prof. Tadeusz Godlewski. In the second decade of the journal's functioning, the editor-in-chief was the Director of the Institute - prof. Jan Waskan. On October 1, 2019, the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration was established, which is the successor of the Institute of Political Sciences, as well as the heir to the journal "World of Ideas and Politics”. On the same day, I was entrusted with the function of Editor-in-Chief.

"World of Ideas and Politics” is an interdisciplinary semi-annual journal in the field of social sciences. The journal is a place of scientific debate, in which participants present different traditions, research approaches and paradigms. The journal publishes original papers, both theoretical and empirical in nature, and summarizes the existing state of knowledge and research. The dominant scientific discipline within which the journal operates are political and public administrative sciences. Papers in the field of disciplines - sociological sciences, security sciences, and social communication and media sciences - also play an important role. The editorial board also accepts papers from other disciplines of social sciences. The condition of their publication is a relationship with broadly understood political ideas, phenomena and processes. Papers are published in Polish, English, Russian, German, and Spanish.

The editorial team's intention is to cultivate  good traditions of "World of Ideas and Politics", which for years have allowed it to maintain its high substantive level. One of them is the two-step review path, implemented by managing editors and external reviewers. At the same time, the editorial board’s intention is to introduce modern solutions that will allow the journal to be more widely recognized in the scientific community. Examples of such activities are the indexation of the journal in domestic and foreign databases and its gradual internationalization.

On behalf of the editorial board of the journal "World of Ideas and Politics", I warmly encourage you to publish your papers and wish you a satisfying reading.

Editor-in-chief of the journal "World of Ideas and Politics"

Dr. hab. Łukasz Jureńczyk, assoc. prof.


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