World of Ideas and Politics

Volume 12

World of Ideas and Politics
Volume 12/2013

Table of contents:
Studies and analysis

  • Małgorzata Cieślik-Florczyk: Problems of a contemporary woman in the context of the image created by the election platforms of the political parties from 2011
  • Waldemar Rogowski: The ideology of gender in media criticism of right-wing circles in Poland
  • Anna Staniszewska: Confl ict of tradition and law. Socio-political women in India at the turn of the XX and XXI century
  • Karolina Muzyczka: An alien and legal status in the Republic of Poland
  • Przemysław Radziszewski: Fictional marriages between Polish citizens and foreigners. Contribution to the issue of Polish state security
  • Izabela Janicka: The faces of patriotism in the German model of integration of a multicultural society during the football matches
  • Barbara Kobzarska-Bar: German identity in the new millennium: leitkultur and Islam
  • Maciej Górecki: Four models of infl uence on actors of international relations in constructivist perspective. Case study - European Union: Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Tunisia
  • Łukasz Scheffs: Political marketing and postmodernism. Refl ections on the liberal democracy in the twenty-fi rst century
  • Olga Nesterchuk: Horror-management in the internet as a means of social and political control by the Russian young people
  • Harald Borgebund: Napięcie i złożoność relacji między liberalizmem i państwem opiekuńczym
  • Marta Stasiak: Attitude of Poles to the work and ,,sustainable” employment policy in the context of European strategies

Book reviews:

  • Rafał Willa: Unia Europejska na arenie międzynarodowej - wybrane relacje bilateralne (rec. Maciej Górecki)
  • Lucie Filipová: Francouzi a Němci na cestě ke sblížení. Partnerství měst a obcí (1950-2000) (rec. Michał Kosman)